Sunday, December 4, 2011

MELT: Tealight

Our Studio For the Design of Everyday Things had to design a tealight. While there was a lot of light experimentation what seemed to capture the imagination the most was the idea of spilt wax. Enjoy, let me know what you think!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

design fun

Please let me know I'm not the only one with a room that looks like this...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Struggling with the Archetype/ In search of Novelty

As a designer you are constantly in a battle against the archetype. You don’t even really realize it is there until you tackle on a problem. Any problem actually. When you are a designer the goal is to be creative. Being creative has become synonymous with the term - individuality. How do you prove your creativity? By doing something that no one else has done. 
Archetype: A very typical example of a person or thing
Is design just the medium for the designer’s whim?
I am currently trying to design a chair out of foam. Now chairs are an archetype. When I say chair, certain images come to mind. Expected images, a seat, a back, some legs. As a designer you try to defy these notions of chair. In order to seat someone you don’t necessarily need to produce a chair. I’ve sat on window ledges, steps, the floor, But the term implies a form in order to solve the function. The possibility that my chair will revolutionize the world is very unlikely. Outside of the designer posse, general people could not identify a chair that has changed the world. So why do we design chairs?
Towers are archetypes, courtyards are archetypes. The issue is that they are not the only solution to house the function. So in attempt to defy form, do we create something for the sake of creating something? It’s like when arguing with a pubescent brat who’s only response is “you don’t know me”. You know what I’m talking about, they don’t listen, they don’t have a purpose other for than the sake of defiance. Does my young enthusiasm and stubbornness transfer into my design practices? If I am willing to accept status quo as the ultimate, then I might as well retire my designing hat. 
The technology sector can be an example of design and marketing taken to extreme possibly unnecessary levels. There’s so much of it and it just keeps on coming out faster and faster, greater and greater. Blue tooth, wi-fi, 3G, 4G,,, smart phones, iphones, androids. I’m re-iterating an accepted and to an extent boring statement, we all think it. Technology is fast, and it’s being produced faster. It’s all in the attempt to produce something that people will purchase, something necessary for our lives. Novelty as status symbols, nothing new, displaying our riches as justification of our existence. How do you as a designer interpret this?
I think ultimately what I need is a design counsellor, to answer these questions. Someone to guide me in my quest for design. Cause ultimately there’s no correct answer, you either embrace and continually strive for something new or attempt to defy these natural tendencies. The people want it, I want to make it for them, I could be an imbecile for thinking new is better. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oh art!

The definition of art is debatable. The value and worth of it is debatable. Is calling it "art" enough? Either way I enjoyed this piece very much

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not Just a Box

So when you say I want to be an Industrial Designer when I grow up, people normally say "Ohhh that's interesting." In reality they have absolutely no clue what you're saying and think it's another garbage degree that universities are spitting out that will NOT lead to a proper job. But it's everything, it's product design, it's the chair you sit on, the i-pod in your pocket, the kettle you pour with, it's even the box you bought your new tv in. Even packaging is considered part of industrial design. There is a lot of value in packaging, and ridiculous amounts of money are spent on it. It's the beginning of an experience that gets people into the product. Thus begins the birth of a new series on Design-UD, Not Just a Box. Whenever I see a cool packaging that isn't just a typical box, where a company/designer has made an effort into the packaging. I'll post pics whenever I find a new packaging. Below is a Cinnabon box. I know, Cinnabon, not glamorous but ridiculously yummy. The shape is like a typical hamburger box, but the corners are unique. The way they poke out, adds a little bit of color and a way to hold it together. Not the sturdiest, but props to Cinnabon for trying.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


The Ab-Ex - aka Abstract Expressionism
There’s a moment in my life, I replay it over and over again in my head because I am constantly experiencing deja vu coming to the same realization again and again. Learning about design is like entering a whole new world. It changes your perspective on everything, You end up constantly thinking about design and end up analyzing the world ad nauseam. I acknowledge that everyone’s experience is different from the rest. To each his own, right? A girl and what appeared to be her “date” walked in while I was there. She was dressed way too early for the night, like 8 hours too early. She came in way after me and probably left way before me. This is me being judgmental, but my best guess is she didn’t have the same experience as me.
OCAD taught me about modern art movements. After all that through out the exhibition I could not help but think Po Mo, Po Mo, Po Mo. Post Modernism. This period is characterized by experimentation and emotion. The experimentation was intense every artist was unique with respect to each other. But the epic moment was seeing Ad Reinhardt’s Abstract Painting. It’s a large painting. I call it Black. It really is just a black painted canvas. But you don’t really appreciate it until you look closer, from different perspectives, really how the light reflects off of it. There’s a video describing how he actually mixed black paint, a little bit of color and tons of paint thinner, shook it up, let it sit, poured out the thinner, and then painted with the sludge. 
What looks like one black square there are actually 12 squares, each with a slight color difference between each. It was a product of technique. The only way the piece could have existed, was through his method of separating the paint. When art is so subtle, and slight, to the point that even a camera can not capture it. I’m going to put this out there. the piece is slightly genius. 

While you may not be able to enjoy the exhibition in Toronto, I can only assume they are on their way back to MOMA in New York, and if not, the AGO has pretty good documentation on it, you may find an experience unique to you.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's August. I know I should be shot for how much time has gone by since I last posted. This one will be short, but not due to lack of effort. I'm big on combining images together, I would by no means call myself an illustrator, that would involve having some sort of talent. But i've been inspired to create, by Garance Dore's clean lines, and Coco Rocha's fierce posing, and Carlos Buendia's interesting water color layering have lead me to this creation. One day I will find my own style, but for now it's about experimentation, such is life. Let me know what you think, whether it be the style, good or bad, should i continue, or quit before I really offend someone?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

summer goals

So i didn't do too bad especially in comparison to last semester, posting definitely declined in April... my bad... but on to SUMMER! As the days grow longer and ideally the weather becomes warmer, I have a sense of renewal and excitement for the future. I am planning a lot for this blog. The goal, to research more, express more, design more. Everyone knows the best way to ensure you will accomplish your goal is to write it out. Sooo... future posts
Image compilations - Mainly of sites that I visit
Queen St. breakdown - A street full of boutiques, adorable coffee shops, and well designed niches, let's break it down and show it off
OCAD summary - a show case of some projects I created for school
FAT - Toronto Alternative Fashion Week, I soooo want to go
T-Shirt Design - I want to design a T-Shirt
Vase - Design a plaster vase
I end this post with an image to entice your appetite and keep you wanting more.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inspire Me

No designer is autonomous, or is an island, or devoid of outside influences. So welcome to an image heavy post. I love to scour the internet soak up images let them inspire me directly or let the unconscious do its job.

ok these images are not mines, I took these from Garance Dore, Fashion Gone Rogue, Style, Sara Blake (not completely not sure about the last one...)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

thought for the era

So, the more I learn about industrial design, and the more that I am incorporated to this bizarre world, you come to this conclusion. Reality, it doesn't really exist, (how very Matrix right?) What I actually mean is. Our environments have been designed and constructed by someone else. The laptop I use to type this on; the chairs I sit on; the doors that I open, the TTC system. None of it was created by me, but I can change all that, as a designer. I could design chairs, laptops, doors, a new TTC system (well the last one might be a bit out of my league). This is very empowering. Life does not have to be this way. I keep on picturing the Gwen Stefani HP commercial, where she walks around and little drawings float out of her, this is me with less fancy graphic design. But it's a very hopeful concept. To be a designer means to be idealistic, and critical, and realize everything has potential. Potential to be altered to be made better, to be reinvented, to be invented. There are no limits to design, it can be anything, and it can be done by YOU! Is anyone else excited? 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Marc Jacobs is so YUMMY :D

 Fashematics is a witty site, that pokes fun at fashion using pop culture and everyday references to reframe how we see the runway. And Marc Jacobs never looked sooo good. I know he's gay and taken, but still good eye candy. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

TED worthy

I love TED, and I'm not cheating on my boyfriend when I say that. TED is amazing, if you don't know TED be prepared to be amazed. What is amazing about TED is that it encompasses all topics and different aspects of our lives. It can inspire, it can teach, it can broaden our horizons, TED can push us to want to learn more. So what is this TED if you don't know of it (not him) is a conference that brings the creme de la creme of industries to talk and broadcasts them on the web. But we're not talking about the brilliant we are talking the people who are inspiring and are changing the world with the work that they do, the things they study and pursue. They all have dreams, and dream of changing the world with what they are good at. When the world is down on you and you need a little insight or perspective it's a good place to see the bigger picture. The possibilities for cross fertilization of ideas are amazing. What is a bit sad, the architecture talks lack and they make me fall asleep, come on you archies you can do a better job of representing us.

That being said I present 2 designers I have found on TED. Thomas Thwaites, and Matthieu Lehanneur

Thomas Thwaites: His talk was about his experience trying to make a toaster from scratch. Not just scratch scratch, but directly from the earth. He had to travel around the world gathering resources, and research into the real old school techniques. It really shows how separate we are from our elements, and how much of the world is involved in making something simple like a toaster. It was an interesting perspective.

He has other interesting insights into the world. This one was cute, especially for those in a long distance relationship. It's a bracelet that you can wear, when you miss the person, you can squeeze it and it will send a signal to them squeezing their wrist, and they can squeeze back. Skype and Google Chats, MSN Facebook they bring those who are far close, but this brings back the physical intimate connection the internet doesn't really give.

Matthew Lehanneur: Another industrial designer who is making big waves in the world. He is something I definitely aspire to. His more notable project is Andrea, a little breathing plant purifier, beautiful in its simplicity, and elegant in its execution.

One of his other projects I enjoy, are these architectural moldings. I like how it takes something that was very decorative and gives it another function of being a bookshelf and what not. Granted moldings were originally created to hide the ugly detail of walls to ceilings, so you kind of lose the original focus :p but they're still nice.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

business cards

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I know this post might seem a little anticlimatic to you. but I'm extremely excited for this one. I've been collecting business cards for a while now. It's a good way to remember people, or their work, events like trade shows, stores, fairs, galleries, you'll find them, and each are unique to each other. The more creative the field the more unique the card. I've hired chris wiggs to design me a business card for Design-uD but that will be something for the future. Enjoy there will be more to come. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brand Me

The ideas are: Authenticity, Branding, Image, Lifestyle.

I was shown iron man cufflinks, and told to keep an open mind, and when you constantly try to be fashionable it was hard. The idea is what the iron man cufflinks represent. Iron man is supposed to stand for Strength/masculine/american ideals. A man who wears these cufflinks is supposedly embodying these ideals. To me this is a bit of a weak connection or example to use. Honestly who takes a man with iron man cufflinks seriously? It's like saying Barrack Obama should put on the Captain America costume to be more powerful politician. It's a bit of a joke.

Instead Che Guevara might be a better example.

Che Guevara t-shirts have become classics on the street. His face has been embraced by pop culture. and become a huge icon and mass produced in the capitalist world. But that being said technically these are all non che-guevarian ideals (quite opposite actually) He was a major figure in the Cuban Revolution. A revolution that was anti-capitalist, anti-american (over simplification i know) This t-shirt is a bit ironic don't you think?
But look at the picture from a different angle. These people who buy these t-shirts, wear the communist hats, they themselves do stand for those very same principles. Well maybe not fully the same, but they are anti-norm, anti three-piece business suit, anti "the man"

This links into the idea of authenticity, Garance Dore goes on to write about how she was tempted to buy a cheaper, and non authentic version of haute-couture life style, how she has done it in the past, and regretted it. Because she felt self aware guilt and was compromising her ideals. Ultimately what we choose to buy is an extension of what we stand for-- our ideals. Because we just can not possibly buy EVERYTHING, therefore our purchases are subconscious representations of conscious ideals/ Or we consciously choose based on subconscious ideals.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Death to Desk Crit

So everyone makes new years resolutions, Sea of Shoes has decided to spread the love to all her shoes. My resolutions include the typical, eating healthier, designing better, and to definitely blog more. The timeline side bar of posts has become physical guilty evidence of the lack of posting. I envy Style Bubble in her multitiude of topics, photos, posts, adventures, the goal is to envy less. I'm putting Desk Crit to rest for a promise of commitment and dedication.DUD Design Until Death. It's my edge on design and how I see it. Welcome to the new blog. So in light of this new promise today I look at silhouettes. As lame as it is to be inspired by school we had to come up with "organic" silhouettes. Fashion will forever inspire me. When an image captivates do you wonder why? The dynamic shapes of their body, the relation of positive and negative spaces.