Saturday, April 23, 2011

summer goals

So i didn't do too bad especially in comparison to last semester, posting definitely declined in April... my bad... but on to SUMMER! As the days grow longer and ideally the weather becomes warmer, I have a sense of renewal and excitement for the future. I am planning a lot for this blog. The goal, to research more, express more, design more. Everyone knows the best way to ensure you will accomplish your goal is to write it out. Sooo... future posts
Image compilations - Mainly of sites that I visit
Queen St. breakdown - A street full of boutiques, adorable coffee shops, and well designed niches, let's break it down and show it off
OCAD summary - a show case of some projects I created for school
FAT - Toronto Alternative Fashion Week, I soooo want to go
T-Shirt Design - I want to design a T-Shirt
Vase - Design a plaster vase
I end this post with an image to entice your appetite and keep you wanting more.

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