Sunday, March 28, 2010

faux pas x 2

So there are two things I love, adore, infatuated, obsessed, can’t get enough of. They’ll be my fashion faux pas’s.

First jumpsuits. apparently the term is derived from skydivers, they wore these one piece suits and now they're a fashion clothing term. But for me they are fabulous and fierce. I bought one a few years ago, and too ashamed to wear in public, they have become my summer staple. Just look you wake up and pull it up, and TA DAA you have a shirt and a short on. Now the only people I’ve seen wearing them in public, was some ghetto chiquita with a big boobs and even bigger booty. But once I saw this Zara version I fell back in love and hopefully will have the guts to bring it out in the future.

(photo courtesy of Zara)

Next is Neon. I’m talking flashing lights, 80’s want to burn out your eyes brightness. It’s sharp, and it has a hint of nostalgia for this 90’s baby, I had a New Kids on the Block, neon yellow headband, totally awesome at the time. I enjoyed the resurgence the last few years in the street style, and I’ve even managed to pick up a tank for myself, paired with black anything, you’re ready to go out.

luv love luvs

Monday, March 15, 2010

I can't stop!!!

I don't even know what the project is about, but I do know one is by Zaha Hadid and UN Studio. Watch this video!
still learning to embed :p

Next is I've never been on a website that goes on forever. The more you scroll the more you get to see. It's never ending! It's a website that basically people load up pictures of themselves. You can tag what you are wearing so other people can own the same thing. The more interesting ones for me are the photograph-ically creative.

And if you love it, then you get to HYPE it, Letting the other people know they did a good job.


Photos courtesy of

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Welcome! Blogs are anything and everything that YOU want them to be, how exciting! When you read this blog this is what you will expect.

The end result of Inspiration
(and guaranteed bad grammar, for that I apologize I'm just not very good at it. )

I want to explore design, analyze it, break it apart, find out what makes it so fascinating and what drives me.

So for the very first one what should I talk about? It's my big coming out on the internet.
INSPIRATION. Throughout our lives there's so much information, images, excitement, all bombarding our senses and minds. How do we process it? What do we do with it?

The top 5 things that inspire me
Anna Wintour

Alexander McQueen

Potential (Whatever that means)

There's so much to say, and so much to show you but that's enough for today. I hoped you enjoyed your stay.