Sunday, March 7, 2010


Welcome! Blogs are anything and everything that YOU want them to be, how exciting! When you read this blog this is what you will expect.

The end result of Inspiration
(and guaranteed bad grammar, for that I apologize I'm just not very good at it. )

I want to explore design, analyze it, break it apart, find out what makes it so fascinating and what drives me.

So for the very first one what should I talk about? It's my big coming out on the internet.
INSPIRATION. Throughout our lives there's so much information, images, excitement, all bombarding our senses and minds. How do we process it? What do we do with it?

The top 5 things that inspire me
Anna Wintour

Alexander McQueen

Potential (Whatever that means)

There's so much to say, and so much to show you but that's enough for today. I hoped you enjoyed your stay.

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