Thursday, January 6, 2011

Death to Desk Crit

So everyone makes new years resolutions, Sea of Shoes has decided to spread the love to all her shoes. My resolutions include the typical, eating healthier, designing better, and to definitely blog more. The timeline side bar of posts has become physical guilty evidence of the lack of posting. I envy Style Bubble in her multitiude of topics, photos, posts, adventures, the goal is to envy less. I'm putting Desk Crit to rest for a promise of commitment and dedication.DUD Design Until Death. It's my edge on design and how I see it. Welcome to the new blog. So in light of this new promise today I look at silhouettes. As lame as it is to be inspired by school we had to come up with "organic" silhouettes. Fashion will forever inspire me. When an image captivates do you wonder why? The dynamic shapes of their body, the relation of positive and negative spaces.

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