Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not Just a Box

So when you say I want to be an Industrial Designer when I grow up, people normally say "Ohhh that's interesting." In reality they have absolutely no clue what you're saying and think it's another garbage degree that universities are spitting out that will NOT lead to a proper job. But it's everything, it's product design, it's the chair you sit on, the i-pod in your pocket, the kettle you pour with, it's even the box you bought your new tv in. Even packaging is considered part of industrial design. There is a lot of value in packaging, and ridiculous amounts of money are spent on it. It's the beginning of an experience that gets people into the product. Thus begins the birth of a new series on Design-UD, Not Just a Box. Whenever I see a cool packaging that isn't just a typical box, where a company/designer has made an effort into the packaging. I'll post pics whenever I find a new packaging. Below is a Cinnabon box. I know, Cinnabon, not glamorous but ridiculously yummy. The shape is like a typical hamburger box, but the corners are unique. The way they poke out, adds a little bit of color and a way to hold it together. Not the sturdiest, but props to Cinnabon for trying.

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  1. Is it just for design's sake or also functionality? One would think those are vents for the hot tasty bun inside no?