Saturday, March 12, 2011

thought for the era

So, the more I learn about industrial design, and the more that I am incorporated to this bizarre world, you come to this conclusion. Reality, it doesn't really exist, (how very Matrix right?) What I actually mean is. Our environments have been designed and constructed by someone else. The laptop I use to type this on; the chairs I sit on; the doors that I open, the TTC system. None of it was created by me, but I can change all that, as a designer. I could design chairs, laptops, doors, a new TTC system (well the last one might be a bit out of my league). This is very empowering. Life does not have to be this way. I keep on picturing the Gwen Stefani HP commercial, where she walks around and little drawings float out of her, this is me with less fancy graphic design. But it's a very hopeful concept. To be a designer means to be idealistic, and critical, and realize everything has potential. Potential to be altered to be made better, to be reinvented, to be invented. There are no limits to design, it can be anything, and it can be done by YOU! Is anyone else excited? 

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