Friday, February 18, 2011

TED worthy

I love TED, and I'm not cheating on my boyfriend when I say that. TED is amazing, if you don't know TED be prepared to be amazed. What is amazing about TED is that it encompasses all topics and different aspects of our lives. It can inspire, it can teach, it can broaden our horizons, TED can push us to want to learn more. So what is this TED if you don't know of it (not him) is a conference that brings the creme de la creme of industries to talk and broadcasts them on the web. But we're not talking about the brilliant we are talking the people who are inspiring and are changing the world with the work that they do, the things they study and pursue. They all have dreams, and dream of changing the world with what they are good at. When the world is down on you and you need a little insight or perspective it's a good place to see the bigger picture. The possibilities for cross fertilization of ideas are amazing. What is a bit sad, the architecture talks lack and they make me fall asleep, come on you archies you can do a better job of representing us.

That being said I present 2 designers I have found on TED. Thomas Thwaites, and Matthieu Lehanneur

Thomas Thwaites: His talk was about his experience trying to make a toaster from scratch. Not just scratch scratch, but directly from the earth. He had to travel around the world gathering resources, and research into the real old school techniques. It really shows how separate we are from our elements, and how much of the world is involved in making something simple like a toaster. It was an interesting perspective.

He has other interesting insights into the world. This one was cute, especially for those in a long distance relationship. It's a bracelet that you can wear, when you miss the person, you can squeeze it and it will send a signal to them squeezing their wrist, and they can squeeze back. Skype and Google Chats, MSN Facebook they bring those who are far close, but this brings back the physical intimate connection the internet doesn't really give.

Matthew Lehanneur: Another industrial designer who is making big waves in the world. He is something I definitely aspire to. His more notable project is Andrea, a little breathing plant purifier, beautiful in its simplicity, and elegant in its execution.

One of his other projects I enjoy, are these architectural moldings. I like how it takes something that was very decorative and gives it another function of being a bookshelf and what not. Granted moldings were originally created to hide the ugly detail of walls to ceilings, so you kind of lose the original focus :p but they're still nice.

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