Friday, September 28, 2012

Mind Over Matter

This is the second time in my entire life where I have been unable to hand in a project. Both because of my clumsy ability.

The problem with training for a marathon, is it develops a mentality that carries into the rest of your life.   You look at the problem, and you believe you can take it on. This goal you create is completely within your means. One step at a time you can train your body to accomplish an entire marathon. And with this, I tackled my new design problem. I had to finish designing my chair, cut it up and put it together. "I can do this, I can do this" focus, one cut at a time I was going to finish my chair. Just 2 more hours to go, focus, and go.

This was what was going through my mind. I was on a roll, I was going to finish. Until, that moment happens. That moment when you get hit by a car. Not quite, it was more like I took my stupid knife, and managed to carve into my own thumb. With the blood beginning to gush out, the only words that went through my mind was "fuck me". Sitting there with the oh so kind security peeps of OCADu bandaging me up, the caffeine pill swimming in my stomach, my mind began to spin accordingly. I'm fine, but it took all the momentum out of me. Looking at my incomplete chair half an hour before it was due, made me realize I was a failure, and it wasn't going to get done. Design is like life, is like training for a marathon, some days it's going to be amazing and no matter how much you love it, and how much will you have to accomplish it some days it's just not going to happen. That being said tomorrow is a new day, and tomorrow there is new will and new motivation to accomplish the little/big goals.

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