Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good Design Is...

When asked to write my design philosophy for class I wrote two pages of garbage. Even now I don't know if that is my design philosophy. Forever I have been exploring one particular aspect of design at a time: the democratic aspects, the environmental aspects, the mathematical generative components, the ergonomics, etc. etc.
My methodology is to connect to an exterior source and once I have scratched the surface I move on, satisfied I have done enough, and put each theory back on my shelf titled "to further explore". One thing is for sure, no matter what I am naive. I believe in design and its capabilities and can only hope that through design intervention the human condition can improve. Obviously this is a false statement, the world is clearly falling apart and a large part of this is due to our deficiencies and short sighted designs. But I can hope...

Good Design Is...

Design is an act
Design is a mentality
Design is an inspiration
Design is a hope that things can be better

My design philosophy is based on na├»ve hope. A hope for the future, and a belief that everything can be designed better, everything can be done different, nothing is permanent. Our environments and surroundings have been created by someone else, and design has the power to influence this.  Existence can be molded through the act of design. To be a designer means to be idealistic, critical, and realize everything has potential. You can only hope for when status quo is unsatisfactory design will solve.

Good design is quiet
Good design is in the details
Good design participates
Good design opens the possibilities for infinite solutions

What's your design philosophy?

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