Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Marking the Beginning

So my blogging has been sparse at best, my page sees about as much action as a marriage gone bad. (Aish) That being said let's continue. I'm excited, it's been four months since school has ended, and with September comes a renewed sense of love for design. That realization of the void, and the only thing that can fulfill it is the big D, DESIGN. How do I respond to all this excitement? By being the Eager Beaver in class, hog all class conversations, and jot notes frantically when the only thing being discussed is the course outline. I am geeking out to the max. The below photo is a sample of this renewed energy and hopefully what may come on this blog as well. It's a visual to do list. I hope to talk about in the future of this blog. Mainly the "Talk to Me" curated by Paola Antonelli, she is my role model and who I aspire to be. These books are the things that I am interested in pursuing, learning, and will share with all y'all. Excited? Possibly not, it's ok that is what blogging is for!

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