Thursday, May 6, 2010

To Do List


So like all good procrastinators, I procrastinate. In an attempt to defy these natural tendencies I use certain methods, To Do Lists are always good place to start. These are To Do blogs, or ideas that I am attempting.

1) Discovering Toronto - a series on those places that only the insider of Toronto knows and is interested in. Any suggestions?
2) Restaurant Designs - After recently designing a restaurant I can't help it, but go into a restaurant and critique them on their image, combined with food, and overall quality
3) OCAD end of the year show - I recently attended the end of the year show, want to know what I think? It's not always pretty
4) City within a Park - Or maybe it's the other way around,,, In a concrete jungle, those green things we call trees are very precious and offer a lot to a city
5) Illustrations - Garance Dore and Birdy Me Kelly Smith, create outstanding fashion images, now what can I do especially when I am inspired
6) He Said/She Said - Now I know what you are thinking, boyfriend girlfriend blogs, how more lame could you get, but when it comes to design it's SUBJECTIVE you can't deny it. After going to the same event what are the differing opinions, there may be a battle in store.
7) Packaging - We look at boxes, bags, and candles?!
8) Spoonful - A new restaurant that I designed will be opening soon in Calgary, What were my inspirations intentions? More importantly what do you think.

I mean that's a big list, but I'm excited, and let's see where this leads.
Comment, Suggest, Discourage, Boo, Hiss, I want to know what you think or want!

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