Thursday, April 29, 2010

get FAT

F.A.T. Fashion Art Toronto

Is anyone else excited as I am? I know it’s very after the fact, but to the rest of the world which most of you are from, it’s new and it’s very exciting. So after all the fashion week madness Toronto launches Alternative Fashion Week, As a lover of art and a lover of fashion and someone who promotes pushing the boundaries nothing could be more catered to my tastes and interests. The deterring factor is a whopping 30$ to get in, this made it difficult to recruit people to come with me, but my goal this year was to go, and I was super excited! Nothing like sending a pout at your boyfriend to get some company.

The poster was edgy, and every night had a theme I managed to attend the night of RAGE (grrrrrr) It was a lot less anger and a lot more goth which I guess is angry? Anyone goth or angry enough to comment or explain

I arrived wide eyed and innocent and nervous. definitely not fashion diva confidant. I’m glad I didn’t arrive with a camera in hand, because what would have been the point. It is true being there is completely different than seeing it on your little computer screen. My ability to see the details, to hear the music, breath the air, crammed into seats sitting next to bitches, and connoisseurs alike. I felt out of place, and wished I wore something more outlandish and less clubby, It was all in my mind, I had to move on.

We sat there for a half hour waiting for the performance to begin, looking around, the runway was in the middle, there were large no HUMONGOUS balloons floating around, the music was loud and throbbing, and people were anxious. The first rows had little papers taped to all of them stating Media, Toronto Blog, Fashion Television, Toronto Star, Media, Industry professionals. Next rows were a free for all. The most exciting thing was seeing Glen Baxter sitting there, smug and suave, too bad I didn’t have the courage to ask him for an autograph, sigh....

The Mission: If anyone follows the Sartorialist him and Garance managed to collect some Chloe ‘cause all the Front Rowers left behind their free books post runway show. So our mission was to recruit one of the papers that the Front Rowers obviously had no interest in, and we did! Or my boyfriend did. While I was in the bathroom the workers were going around collecting them to be thrown out, and he struck like a lightning bolt. I was so happy MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Standout moments, as much as it would be good to give you a detailed account of everything, I think you would be bored out of your minds I mean for all I know you’ve already stopped reading.

To be a man - christabel Nothing made my mouth drop the way this piece did. Grotesque and erotic, and slightly awkward It was this transformation of this man who came out dressed as a man and tour himself apart to become a women i mean these before and after shots only begins to manifest the mutation

Romandin - Christina Saibaiduc Her runway began with a clip of the backstage area the designer was dressing the model, in this large piece of fabric, and then with some tugging and pushing, ta daaa! this magnificent dress, and when the model came out there were two assistants waiting to re-produce the phenomenon in front of our eyes.

Sans Souci - Her ability to fit the body was amazing, and the working of the fabric I found stunning. Her work flowed over the body, subtly hugging their curves. There were connotations of peasant mixed with an international flare. My favorite collection by far.

Ryerson - So when this collection came on, I was confused, there was this one moment of brilliance, a weird sweater jacket, yarn thing that came out, it had an interesting form an interesting use of materials, and a lot of attitude, and then the rest of the girls i thought it was ok... ok being the polite word. And then at the end it all made sense. The models walked out each next to their corresponding designer.

This may get me into trouble, but I used this photos from Stan Olkha, he definitely had the best FAT photos

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