Wednesday, July 28, 2010


There is one good thing about working at the Eaton Center, it’s in the center of everything, people and shopping. Which means it attracts events, protests, free music shows, free samples, crazies, and even more people. Every weekend is something different, and something exciting and a new experience. Today i happened to stumble upon the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Every year Toronto hosts this event, at Nathan Philips Square. There are many different types of art, the main categories are:

Digital Media
Mixed Media

Now I did a quick round. There are no pictures from the actual event, BUT I did grab their business cards of all the good ones, Slowly I will filter these out through separate posts so that it is not one big jumble of everything.

Now you’ll notice I put in very few painters, because honestly a lot of it was very Canadian Folk. objects, and people (not really my thang). I was in the search of something more. And glass as more and more time goes on, you become less impressed by people doing glass, almost as if they are all channeling and exploring the same thing. You know what I’m talking about, the vases with the colours and the bulbous shapes, sometimes it’ll do a cool swooping thing but even that begins to wear on you. Jewelry was a bit dismal as well, especially after being to the clothing show, where the jewelry is phenomenal AND at a good price, and good quality materials. This was more, some cute pieces and many overpriced items. This year I was mainly drawn to, a lot of photographers, even ceramics surprised me a little, and THE FABRICS. Very interesting a technique called after burn, where a structure is created and weaved into the fabric, and then the area around it is burned creating very intense shapes. Very cool.

I remember last year being extremely infatuated and wanting to see it all, but this year I’m a little more jaded and a little more impatient, but still worth checking out, maybe not this year, but maybe definitely next!

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