Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Toronto Clothing Show

OK so I know this is 2 months late, but it took a while for the appreciation of the event to sink in. Well not really, I’ve just been busy.

Every season Toronto puts on the Toronto Clothing Show, where young and upcoming designers, and vendors, come and sell their goods. The variety is huge, the price range fits even me who has no budget. Restraint was definitely very difficult.

The show is split into Vintage, Jewelry, Boutique, and an area for Art and Catwalk. And Samples.

So I thought I took lots of pictures, but I guess not, lucky for you. But people I think you should look out for.

People’s Republic Clothing
So this Asian girl sold me a sweater that was a quarter of a sweater? Very cool. And how can you not love an asian in dreads.

Love Poetry Corsets
Every girl secretly wants a corset. I wanted specifically one of these ones, but couldn’t afford the 600$ price tag :(

The next best thing I found was these earrings from Corinne Anestopoulos, Biko she also had a very awesome necklace made out of reclaimed metal kaleidoscope now how cool is that! Very chic and nostalgic. Extremely high quality craftmanship and amazing prices.

At the runway there were 3 shows that I liked.

Ayla, she had a very sharp black and white palette with interesting eye popping details like a white zipper, but sometimes the fit was a bit questionable,,,

This wasn’t part of my favorites, but this was pre stumble of a model, i love when perfect beings take a small public fall :p,,,

I call this the naked dress by Joy Couture, and my face literally went like this :-o not classy, and the materials didn’t look that nice, I’m all about the back, but does anyone else think this is a bit too much?

This was my favorite piece by Simone Walker, Perfect Fit Fashion, I call it Tweedle Dum Dee gone naughty. A romper plus Hoodie, with a little sex appeal.

The Fairies Pyjamas, I call it the hippie collection. If you know me remotely, you know of the inner hippie in me, and this inner hippie was rejoicing to see this collection. It was done by hippie models who would have fun skipping down the runway, hula hooping, yoga posing. What I love about this is, was for the beautiful choice in colors, interesting layering, and the textures.

Side note, pictures taken by me :D :D :D can you tell , they're out of focus, blurry, and not enough light. That's ok it's called Enthia appeal.

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